Jakarta’s bus rapid transit system Transjakarta will start
phasing out paper tickets in its buses by the end of May and
replace these with electronic smartcards that will be issued by DKI

The new e-payment system will be, initially, available in the
Corridor 6, the route with the smallest volume of commuters using a
bus in Jakarta.

The prepaid card will be called JakCard and will be extended to
other commuter routes August, provided the pilot in Corridor 6 is

“If the implementation is successful, we will integrate the
JakCard as an e-payment for theJakarta commuter-line system in May
next year,” Martono, Bank DKI director, said.

DKI Bank has agreed to provide all equipment needed for the
e-payment system and will be responsible for its maintenance for 10

The travel cards will be offered in two prepaid versions: one
for daily commuters, permitting maximum balance of IDR1m (USD107),
and the one for a one-way e-card that can be purchased at bus

“The price of a trip will be deducted from the balance of a
prepaid card every time it is swiped. Such cards will be available
at bus stops and minimarkets,” said Muhammad Akbar, Transjakarta
Management Authority (BLU) chief.

“Every day, Corridor 6 serves around 30,000 commuters, as
compared to Corridor 1, which serves around 70,000 people. We have
completed the installation of sensor machines at all bus stops on
Corridor 6,” said Akbar.

The electronic system, expected to simplify commuting
in Jakarta buses and reduce queues, had
been introduced in Jakarta buses before, but was
abandoned in 2009 after a lack of funding for maintenance from
the Jakarta administration.

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