iSignthis eMoney  (ISXPay), part of Australian payment and identification authentication service provider iSignthis, has signed a payment aggregation agreement with American Express Australia (AMEX).

The new agreement will enable ISXPay to directly onboard Australian merchants.

Under the agreement, ISXPay will buy AMEX processing at a predetermined rate of wholesale merchant services fees (MSF) and then forward it to merchants at its usual MSF and a fixed fee.

The agreement also includes options for AMEX direct MSF for existing and large-scale Australian merchants, enabled through ISXPay.

The integration with AMEX will be effective immediately, allowing ISXPay to process AMEX transactions for a flat fee. However, ISXPay will currently not receive MSF.

The service will be offered to merchants after the full completion of the integration and certification process in three to four months.

iSignthis already supports Mastercard Worldwide, JCB International and Visa card schemes.

“The addition of AMEX is highly complimentary to our core payment services,” iSignthis said.