French payments firm Ingenico has introduced a new solution, which will serve businesses that manage payments over the phone.

Dubbed LinkPlus, the new offering allows online businesses to send payments using a link or QR code.

As a result, the requirement to process unsecured credit card or banking data manually is phased out.

LinkPlus has been designed to enable card payment with PCI compliance.

It offers an interface to a secure hosted environment.

No sensitive data is stored on the premises, thereby addressing security concerns.

At the same time, LinkPlus enables businesses to add a spread on top of the daily base exchange rates.

Ingenico Group SVP Global Online (Retail BU) Gabriel de Montessus said: “LinkPlus enables businesses to deliver a premium payment experience to their customers.

“Call centres and customer service teams can now offer multiple payment methods and currencies with high-speed authorisation and enhanced security and page design.

“For many customers, this will be the tipping point that converts them from a browser into a buyer and, potentially, a returning customer.”

Ingenico was recently in the limelight for its purchase of New Zealand-based payment network Paymark, which was owned by ANZ, ASB, BNZ and Westpac.

Earlier this year, Ingenico Group also merged German payments firm BS PAYONE with Ingenico Retail assets in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).