Cincinnati-based entrepreneurial financial services firms Infintech and The Business Backer have formed a partnership to provide customers with business loans from The Business Backer and low credit card transaction fees from Infintech.

With the partnership, both companies are expanding the suite of services available to businesses.

The Business Backer CEO, Jim Salters, said Infintech’s transparent and competitive payment processing services provide an advantage to The Business Backer’s customer base.

"It is core to our revolutionary approach to Small Business financing, that we connect our customers with partners that will help them thrive now and in the future. Often our customers are paying more than they should for credit card transactions. By introducing our customers to Infintech, we can save them money and help make their company healthier," Salters added.

Infintech president, Ryan Rybolt, said both of their companies were founded by entrepreneurs so they understand the challenges that business owners face with finding transparent funding solutions.

"By partnering with The Business Backer, we are able to offer our clients access to working capital from a trustworthy source. Their expertise and unique underwriting process provide greater access to available funding options," Rybolt added.