Infineon Technologies and Fingerprint Cards have entered into a partnership to facilitate mass deployment of biometric cards.

Biometric payment card features an integrated fingerprint sensor that allows contactless payments to be more convenient, more secure, and hygienic.

Furthermore, these cards eliminate the need for PIN entries or signatures to authorise even high-value payments and remains in the hands of the cardholder throughout the transaction.

Under the partnership, the companies will provide their biometric semiconductor solutions to card makers, to make integration cost-efficient and scalable.

Infineonpayment and transport ticketing product line head BjoernScharfen said: “Authorising payments without handing over the card is a huge step forward in terms of user experience, data security and hygiene.

“We selected Fingerprints as they are the leading biometric silicon and technology provider with market proven performance. Jointly, we want to drive the industrialisation of biometric payment cards from a niche into mass market rollout.”

As part of the partnership, the partners have developed a solution utilising Fingerprints’ biometric technology and Infineon’s chip security, energy efficiency and contactless performance.

This solution combines Fingerprints’ sensor modules with Infineon’s 40 nm high-performance and energy-efficient security controllers based on the 32-bit ARM SC300SecurCore. It is said to supports the requirements of biometric payment cards.

It enables secured matching of the fingerprint image within the security controller where the private data is securely stored.

Fingerprints SVP of business line payments & access Michel Roig said: “Collaboration is key in the payment ecosystem, in which Infineon is a leading player.

“Together we will produce an optimised solution that will make it easier for card manufacturers to integrate biometrics into future generations of contactless payment cards, ultimately putting these cards into the hands of consumers around the world to enable a worry-free payment experience.”