On-Line Strategies Services (InComm OLS), a subsidiary of InComm, has entered into a strategic partnership with National Bankcard Services (NBS) to offer fuel gift card processing at gas stations.

InComm said that the transactions at the pump differ from point-of-sale transactions because of the pre-authorisation needed to allow a consumer to pick up the pump and begin fueling.

To counter this, InComm OLS and NBS have created a specific programming through InComm’s switch technology that offers consumers a better payment experience and provide a cost-effective way for the retailers.

The partnership will enable fuel retailers to offer the value-added convenience of fuel gift cards to their customers.

InComm OLS president Terry Richards said: “We are very excited to be working with NBS to provide a channel for our mutual customers to take advantage of a new InComm product offering. Our integration enables us to provide product acceptance convenience that meets the needs of both the retailer and the consumer.”