IDT, a provider of fintech, cloud communications and traditional communications services, has rolled out its BOSS Money remittance service in Jamaica.

Using the remittance service, customers in the US will be able to send cash to family and friends in the island for take-up in Jamaican Dollars within minutes.

The customers can collect the cash at participating LASCO Financial Services’ (LFSL) LASCO Money locations across Jamaica.

LFSL managing director Jacinth Hall-Tracey said: “This partnership with BOSS Money aligns with our quest to provide Jamaicans with convenient, safe and simple solutions that will suit their immediate needs.”

BOSS Money and Boss Calling apps will enable senders to transfer up to $1,000 to Jamaica for $3.99. Both apps are available on the App Store and at Google Play.

IDT consumer payments SVP Alfredo O’Hagan said: “Our partnership with LFSL makes sending cash to, and receiving cash in, Jamaica very easy. In the coming months, we’ll be adding other payout options as we work to become the ‘go-to’ money transfer service for the Jamaican diaspora.”

IDT offers BOSS Money international money remittance and mobile top-up services to support customers with convenient and stable value transfers.

The company also provides BOSS Revolution calling service for dependable voice and messaging communications across the world.

Its National Retail Solutions (NRS) point-of-sale retail network helps independent retailers to operate and process transactions efficiently, in addition to allowing advertisers and consumer marketers to access underserved consumer markets.