Augmented Identity solution provider IDEMIA has obtained a licence from IDEX Biometrics to use its on-card enrolment solutions for biometric payment cards.

As per the terms of the agreement, IDEMIA will leverage certain IDEX technologies to develop and sell on-card enrolment devices that work in tandem with IDEMIA’s own biometric card software.

The “On-card Enrolment” service enables users to enrol onto a brand new biometric smart card in their own home. The system includes a lightweight enrolment receptacle into which a card can be inserted.

Additionally, the solution enables banks to dispatch cards and IDEX-designed enrolment solution so that users can create their new cards without visiting the bank branch.

To enroll their biometric information, the user will have to touch the fingerprint sensor area on the card several times.

It eliminates the need to visit a bank branch, to connect with another device or apps. It also does not need wireless pairing and does not face any compatibility issues.

IDEMIA executive vice president of the financial institutions business unit Amanda Gourbault said: “Our expertise and technology at IDEMIA make it possible to offer secure payment methods and to respond to customers’ growing demand for biometric authentication.

“Using biometrics to secure point of sale transactions reduces friction in the payment experience as well as providing the best security to carry out transactions with complete trust.”

IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries with the help of approximately 13,000 staff.