Fintech firm Innovative Computer Professionals (ICP) and its affiliates have partnered with IGT to integrate its OmniCommerce Software Platform into several of IGT’s casino systems solutions, to facilitate account balances transfer to bank cards.

Security State Bank of Atkin, MN, Hallmark Trust Limited of Turks & Caicos are the  affiliates of ICP as well as key principal members of MasterCard.

Upon completion of the integration of ICP technologies and IGT’s systems solutions, casino patrons can transfer casino funds onto ICP-issued bank cards to allow them to spend their cash.

Leveraging the strength of the partnership, ICP is integrating its OmniCommerce Software Platform of products and key principal MasterCard membership issuance abilities with Security State Bank and Hallmark Trust Limited.

This includes credit/debit/prepaid card issuing, point-of-sale, ATM, and ACH processing capabilities, into several of IGT’s casino systems products including IGT Advantage, Cardless Connect, PlaySpot and EZ Pay.

At present, the OmniCommerce Software Platform has been implemented and operating in financial institutions in 17 countries and operates programs in multiple languages and currencies.

ICP chairman and owner Craig Potts said: “Our partnership with IGT significantly enhances the consumer universe that has access to our unique card products and platform.

“With the help of ICP technology, consumers will be able to transfer account balances to a card that allows them to spend, send or save their money globally. We expect this partnership to accelerate our growth in the coming years.”