Hong Kong mobile operator HKT has joined forces with Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited (JETCO) to expand Near Field Communications (NFC)-based mobile payment services across credit cards range issued by various banks.

According to HKT, the partnership will implement the proven security of Single Wire Protocol-SIM (SWP-SIM) cards, which serve as the secure element for storing payment applications running on a mobile phone.

JETCO’s mobile payment service is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2014. Until then, PCCW-HKT customers can avail mobile payment services with a number of major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and China UnionPay, issued by over 30 JETCO member banks.

HKT managing director, Alex Arena, said: "The link-up to JETCO with its massive network of banks has further illustrated HKT’s dedicated efforts to develop NFC mobile payment services to enhance our customers’ mobile experience."

Currently, JETCO has more than 30 member banks in Hong Kong and Macau and provides a range of services to these member banks covering both regions.