Nepal-based Himalayan Bank has partnered with e-security solutions provider Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates to improve its card issuing.

Cryptomathic’s data preparation system and and OMA Emirates’ personalization software have been implemented into the bank’s production ecosystem to facilitate the issuance of its entire debit and credit card portfolio

CardInk, the EMV data preparation system from Cryptomathic, will provide a platform required for data generation and cryptographic key management for secured issuance of all Himalayan Banks’ payment cards, while the card data will automatically pass to OMA Emirates’ NanoPerso software for the cards to be personalized.

The CardInk and NanoPerso turnkey solution that provides a personalization hardware security module (HSM) and card platform independent EMV issuing system will be hardware vendor neutral offering a combination of security and flexibility to the bank to rapidly respond and adapt to changes in market.

Amru Kotb, senior vice president of Middle East and Africa at Cryptomathic, said: "The solutions offered by Cryptomathic and OMA Emirates support the competitiveness of any bank in the Middle East, so as to promote the expansion and marketing plans while maintaining security, flexibility and protection of customer data."