Hawk Incentives, a Blackhawk Network business that offers rewards and incentive solutions, has launched virtual Mastercard-branded reward cards for mobile wallets.

The new open-loop prepaid cards, which aim to push reward-based incentives towards the mobile engagement platforms, use Blackhawk’s Digital Pass technology for offering promotions and incentives.

Using Blackhawk’s Digital Pass technology, marketers can link loyalty programmes, gift cards and other offers to mobile wallets that transform the wallets into platforms for better customer engagement, instead of merely used as a simple payment tool.

Hawk Incentives vice president of marketing Theresa McEndree said: “The ability to connect your incentive or promotional reward to a wallet is a game-changing innovation. With our Digital Pass technology, we enable our clients to extend brand engagement with their mobile-minded consumers.”

Blackhawk Network CEO and president Talbott Roche said: “We are excited to introduce this market-first capability that helps our clients expand the ways branded value engages their end users.

“Mobile devices are an integral part of consumers’ lives and they have high expectations for the mobile brand experience. Shoppers don’t just want to replace the function of a credit or debit card with a mobile wallet; they want the ability to incorporate all of their loyalty cards, promotions, rewards and offers in one mobile location.

“We developed our Digital Pass technology to respond to this consumer demand and create better sales and marketing potential for our partners.”