Independent restaurants group Groupex Canada has partnered with DataCandy to offer gift card and loyalty programme services to its members in the country.

The collaboration is intended to help DataCandy in providing the services at discounted prices and to enable better customer engagement tool access for independent restaurants.

DataCandy delivers loyalty and gift card software solutions, and its gift card platform is available at more than 10,000 locations throughout the US and Canada.

The solution is said to be simple, scalable and secure, and used by the ALDO Group, pharmacies of Familiprix, St-Hubert restaurants and the 40 brands under the MTY Food Group, among others.

DataCandy CEO Lorne Schwartz said: “Independent restaurants need a way to understand, retain and reward their most loyal customers; size shouldn’t affect their ability to compete and stay profitable.

“Our team is thrilled that Groupex chose DataCandy to be the first gift card and loyalty programme service provider in its portfolio. This partnership will open a lot of doors and help independently owned restaurants level the loyalty playing field.”

Groupex currently has more than 2,700 members that are paired with various branded suppliers, including Pepsico, Diversey, Canada Bread, Canadian Linen and Gordon Food Service.