Google has started rolling out its payment app ‘Google Pay’ on the web for desktop and iOS, allowing customers to use the service during online shopping.

People using Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers for purchases will be able to see this option for faster checkout, irrespective of their device.

In addition, if a card is saved to Google Pay on Pixelbook, it can be used on the web with another device such as iPhone.

This registration of a card on the Google Pay eliminates the need for entering payment details again during checkout in an app or on a site for the first time. In case of Chrome, the customer’s billing, shipping and payment information are automatically filled.

Google announced the new advancement on a blog where it said: “We’re starting to roll out Google Pay on the web from desktop and iOS-which means you’ll start seeing it when you’re shopping on browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, no matter your device.”

The company originally revealed the plans for such upgrade in February this year at the time of integration of its different payment services, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single unified app – Google Pay.

In addition to transactions, the Google Pay app allows users to track purchases, get personalised suggestions, offers and promotions, as well as add tickets, loyalty and gift cards, among others.