Google plans to integrate its Google Wallet application with Google Glass, allowing customers to transfer money to friends using single voice command ‘send money’ and a couple of swipes.

According to TechCrunch, Google is currently testing the service, with plans to soon launch it to all Glass users.

To use the service, Google Glass users must first install the Google Wallet app on their devices and log in to their Google corporate network.

After signing in, they can install the Wallet glassware, change the setting and send money from Glass.

TecCrunch said, "Imagine you’re at a restaurant and you want to send your share of the bill to a friend. You simply ask Glass to ‘send money,’ swipe through the interface a few times and you’re done."

For the service, Google will take 2.9% or 30 cents fee for each Wallet transaction.

Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment information securely and enables paying easily both in-store and online. With Google Wallet, users can store credit, loyalty, and gift cards and make payments through MasterCard PayPass.