Internet giant Google has made enhancements to its Chrome browser to make the process of online purchases easier for users.

With the upgrade, users can gain access to their payment data stored on their Google Account for filling checkout forms.

The feature leverages Google’s mobile payment platform Google Pay.

Lately, the payment platform has been expanding to more sites.

Google Chrome online shopping

Moreover, all this can be done without having to turn on Chrome sync.

“You’ll also be able to use the payment info you’ve saved in your Google Account across your devices in Chrome where you’re signed in, and wherever Google Pay is accepted,” the company stated.

After signing in, Chrome asks users to use a card from their Google Account and then directs users to provide the card’s CVC number.

On opting to save a new card to an account, users will get a confirmation email from Google Pay. Subsequently, this process delivers an enhanced level of security for customers while shopping online.

Online security is a constant issue for retailers with fraud becoming more sophisticated and difficult to prevent.

“You can manage and delete the cards in your account anytime by going to your Google Account > Payments & subscriptions > Payment methods,” the company said.