Google India has formed an alliance with merchant platform company Pine Labs to tap into offline payments market in the country through its digital payments service Google Pay.

Under the partnership, merchants will be able to use Pine Labs point-of-sale terminals to process Google Pay transactions in-store.

The payment can be initiated using the mobile number of a Google Pay user, who can then authenticate it via the Google payment app to allow the transaction to be processed.

This collaboration provides Google with access to more than 330,000 point-of-sale terminals in more than 3000 regions across India.

Pine Labs CEO Vicky Bindra said: “We are excited to collaborate with Google and bring the convenience of UPI at point of sale for Google Pay users through our platform in India.

“Last year, over 100 million customers bought products and services from our merchant network. With Google Pay, we expect to reach many new groups of customers across the country.”

Google initially rolled out its mobile payment app in India in 2017 under the name Tez.

Built on the government’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI), the service does not store money in the app but is directly linked to the user’s bank account. It supports 55 major banks in the country.

The tech giant added bill payments feature to the app in February 2018.

Later in August that year, Google announced the rebranding of the payment service to Google Pay. It also revealed plans to introduce digital lending services in the country.