Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) has selected the PURE white-label payment solution from Dutch digital security company Gemalto to support the country’s migration to EMV payment method.

GhIPSS is a unit of the central bank of Ghana that manages the country’s interbank payment system.

The vendor said that its PURE solution will give GhIPSS full control over the operation of a domestic chip-based payment system.

The solution will also enable private label issuers or domestic schemes to issue EMV cards, independent from other payment card associations.

It will incorporate tested fraud protection technology of global payment standards and allow consumers to use all bank cards at ATMs and POS terminals across Ghana.

GhIPSS CEO Archie Hesse said: “In addition to reducing fraud, PURE gives us greater flexibility as we strive to modernise Ghana’s banking and payments sector.”

The domestic issuance and acceptance specifications of the new chip card have been defined by both Gemalto and GhIPSS.

Gemalto senior vice president banking and payment for the CISMEA region Nassir Ghrous added: “GhIPSS will benefit from the scalability of PURE, which enables the use of contact and contactless cards as well as mobile payments, along with the accumulated experience of close to 60 issuers using PURE payment card worldwide.”