American payments technology company Get Beyond has teamed up with Golfpay, an online marketplace for golf courses, to deliver integrated solution to golf courses.

Under the partnership, the companies will look to offer both course management and payment acceptance solutions the golf industry.

Get Beyond, which is currently focused on expanding its product offering and diversify its industry portfolio, will leverage the alliance with Golfpay to add new verticals.

Commenting on the partnership, Golfpay CEO Dale Merritt said: “Our partnership with Get Beyond adds an innovative ecosystem partner from the payment space with feet on the ground. Payments are becoming more and more productized, and Golfpay is the ultimate payment facilitating product for a 70-billion-dollar golf industry.

“Golfpay’s patented Omnichannel Golf Communication Platform allows golfers to make payments directly to golf course merchants, in every available channel, whether it be by phone, email, text message, webchat, or online using a stored form of payment.”

The partnership will leverage Get Beyond’s established feet-on-the-street sales model and Golfpay’s Omnichannel Platform to accelerate business growth.

Get Beyond CEO and president Mike Peters said: “We are excited to be partnering with Dale Merritt and the entire Golfpay team. The combined efforts of both companies will provide the golf industry a needed solution to both course management and payment acceptance. “Golfpay’s 1st-party technology allows golf venues to maintain ownership of a full suite of services—and with Get Beyond’s help, more golf course operators will benefit from this solution.”