Magnetic stripes, EMV, contactless, mobile
payments… and now biometric payments? Apparently, yes, according to

The digital security solutions provider has
told Electronic Payments International that one of its key focuses
in the next year will be its eGo biometric solution.

The eGo offers what Gemalto calls
“bidirectional wireless channels between objects or individuals in
the future internet of things, based on a bootstrapping scheme
using the electrical conductivity of human skin”

According to Gemalto’s innovation director
Xavier Larduinat, the three main areas of focus to push eGO are
going to be transport, consumer payments and healthcare.

He emphasised that this technology would not
try to replace existing technology – which probably would lead to
merchant resistance, judging by the slow uptake of contactless
payment terminals.

But Larduinat said that eGo would just be an
addition to the existing technology.

The idea of eGo is enabling consumers to

On its eGo-dedicated website, Gemalto

“By simply touching an
ego-compliant object with any part of your body, you initiate
a wireless pairing between the said object and eGo using the
Intra-Body communication technology. eGo is a highly secure
device you wear that can be produced in any form factor (e.g.
watch, belt, jewel,…) All it needs is to be in close proximity to
your body. 

This intuitive way of wireless
pairing drastically simplifies the design of Man-Machine
user interfaces and the interactions with smart
objects. Computing is no longer just what you see or what you
hear. Another human sense comes into play: What you touch.”