Hong Kong-based Octopus has turned to Gemalto to digitise its contactless smart cards into Samsung Pay, providing a new mobile payment option for its customers.

Gemalto will leverage its Trusted Service Hub (TSH) to ensure secure digitisation. The balance and associated loyalty programmes will also be transferred to the new Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay.

The new solution can be used to make secure payments for public transport, at retail stores and even during online shopping.

In order to carry out the transactions, cardholders will have to tap their designated mobiles against an Octopus acceptance reader. Customers can also easily reload their Octopus cards by registering credit card details on Samsung Pay.

Gemalto senior-vice president of banking and payment for Asia Michael Au said: “Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay delivers a convenient yet secure payment option for consumers in Hong Kong, and help the city realize its vision of transforming into a cashless society.”

The contactless Octopus smart card is available in Hong Kong to pay for public transport and purchases at more than 80,000 touch-points such as merchant outlets, recreational facilities, vending machines, and self-service kiosks across the country.

Octopus CEO Sunny Cheung said: “This partnership has enabled us to be among the first contactless smart card payment system operator in the world to bring great convenience to consumers by allowing them to pay via their smartphones.”