Indian payment solutions firm FSS Technologies has teamed up with Czech Republic-based payments firm Fair Play Pay to secure online payment processing.

Under the agreement, Fair Play Pay will implement FSS Payment Gateway and Merchant Hub to secure online payment processing as well as support transaction settlement.

Fair Play head of the board Dajnis Vasiljevs said: “The collaboration with FSS enables us to leverage its globally trusted Payment Gateway and work with a partner who understands our business.

“As the pace of growth accelerates in the coming months, FSS will help us to innovate and scale at speed in order to fully capitalise on market opportunities.”

FSS will host the Payment Gateway and Merchant on its payment processing centre FSSNeT. This offers Fair Play access to a scalable and secure payments infrastructure.

The FSS Payment Gateway facilitates payment acceptance through alternate non-card payment method support to support an optimised payment set-up.

Moreover, the company offers merchant lifecycle capabilities and added value services like 3DS 2.0 authentication capabilities, real-time fraud prevention as well as advanced analytics.

Through FSS’ SaaS model, Fair Play is said to gain high scalability, compliance, upgrades, and monitoring for offering quality service to merchants.

FSS head of Europe, UK and America’s Haresh Hemrajani said: “We are excited to be working alongside Fair Play to support its expansion plans in the online acquiring space.

“Our unique SaaS model enables Fair Play to improve speed to market, deliver innovative online payment services to merchants and rapidly penetrate new segments.”