US-based payments technology provider Fortis has formed an alliance with Everyware in order to provide integrated payment solutions for different platforms.

Everyware primarily provides solutions that facilitate contactless payments and customer engagement.

The new collaboration aims to automate enrolment as well as speed up cash collection and transaction across multiple networks.

As part of the partnership, Fortis’ customers are set to receive improved digital solutions. Everyware’s customers are also said to benefit from Fortis’ payment commerce platform.

It will enable a smooth and integrated approach for both the companies’ partners and businesses, stated Fortis.

Everyware founder and CEO Larry Talley said: “Fortis is now a fully integrated experience with Everyware, allowing our clients to enjoy the variety of convenient payment options they support.

“Being empowered to support payments in every channel and remove burdensome security requirements creates a winning formula for our clients.”

Fortis noted that Everyware is using its technology to provide comprehensive acceptance solutions for various channels and industries.

Both the companies have developed improved solutions for enrolment and business intelligence by combining various payment options with complete tokenisation.

They are also offering digital solutions to the point of sale for card-based dealings.

In addition, the companies are assisting payment devices to receive Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV), contactless as well as upcoming contactless payment tenders.

Fortis CEO Greg Cohen said: “With Everyware’s breadth of solutions Fortis is able to expand and enable commerce in new markets, as well as strengthen current offerings to software providers and their clients in key verticals.

“This partnership bolsters our capabilities in order to provide unique commerce experiences that meet specialised needs across different industries.”

In March this year, Fortis announced a partnership with Lockstep to expand its enterprise resource planning (ERP) payment capabilities.