Canadian mobile food tech startup ClickDishes has tapped Alipay to ease the payment experience for Chinese consumers in Vancouver.

The duo will introduce a mini-programme within Alipay, which will enable users to order ahead and pre-pay in a single app.

This makes the food ordering app the first North American food ordering platform on Alipay.

The move is said to be in response to Vancouver’s “Chinese influence” and high influx of Chinese consumers.

ClickDishes CEO Alec Wang said: “We are thrilled to offer consumers simple, in-app ordering with the same security and convenience they have come to expect back home.”

The initiative will involve the participation of restaurants in Vancouver, Calgary as well as Edmonton.

Alipay general manager for North America Yulei Wang said: “Vancouver is a key destination for Chinese consumers who seek out authentic and local experiences, especially in and around the Chinese New Year.

“Alipay gives Chinese consumers peace of mind while they are abroad with a secure and convenient payment option they are already accustomed to at home.

“We partnered with ClickDishes, a dynamic local Canadian start-up, for the greatest reach to restaurants in the Vancouver area, and we are pleased to continue to offer Chinese consumers a seamless shopping and payment experience.”