Flint Mobile, a California based mobile payment provider to small businesses, has introduced new features to its no-card-reader mobile payment app.

With the upgrades, merchants using Android devices can use the app for multiple transaction scenarios including accepting cash, credit or debit cards or invoicing customers to pay online.

Through the app, merchants will be able to create and send invoices to customers via email, who can access a link to pay online from their mobile, tablet or computer.

The customer can purchase the goods and services without the need for the merchant’s website to be configured for e-commerce.

Other features added to the Android mobile app include allowing merchants to use Flint to manage cash or cheque payments.

Customers will receive electronic receipts, and all information including payment history and customer contact is organised in the mobile app and Flint’s online portal.

The app uses the phone’s camera to scan debit or credit card numbers and all data transmitted is encrypted, no card data or image is stored on the phone.

Flint says this feature will allow for faster transactions through the scanning process.

Flint co-founder and CEO, Greg Goldfarb, said: "Merchants who operate in a mobile environment can now run many aspects of their business from the palm of their hand.

"We’ve seen very strong adoption of mobile invoicing with online bill payment from many of the same users who take credit cards directly through the app," he added.

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