FlexiGroup, a diversified financial services group, has partnered with Idemia, a France-based developer of digital security and identification technologies, to introduce Motion Code credit card in Australia.

Intended to offer additional security, the high-tech payment card comes with a dynamic security code (CVV2) that changes automatically every hour. In case of any compromise, the data of the dynamic code becomes unusable.

The Motion Code CVV2 is displayed on an e-paper mini-screen, instead of a static security code printed on the back of a normal bank card.

FlexiGroup CEO Symon Brewis-Weston said: “The addition of this dynamic security feature means FlexiGroup will be able to offer customers advanced safeguarding when making online purchases.

“We continually strive to deliver innovative and tailored financial solutions for our customers and we are excited to partner with Idemia to be the first to bring Motion Code technology to Australians.”

FlexiGroup has also collaborated with Mastercard to aid the release of the credit card in the first half of next year.