payment processor First Data International has announced the
successful migration of 1.1 million Bayerische Sparkassen (Bavarian
savings banks) and Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin (DKB) credit cards to
First Data’s processing platform.

First Data is the leading credit card processing provider to the
Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany, processing approximately 3.8
million credit cards on behalf of more than 300 savings banks
across the country.

In December 2005, German payment processor Gesellschaft für
Zahlungssysteme (GZS), which was acquired by First Data
International earlier this year, and Bayern Card Services (BCS)
agreed to a long-term co-operation agreement to provide processing
and client services in seven savings bank regions. First Data will
now provide credit card processing services for 77 Bayerische
Sparkassen and for DKB, while BCS provides customer services and
sales support.

In 2007, BCS will extend its non-technical service support to all
of First Data’s savings bank clients.

Jens Hegeler, general manager of BCS, said: “Together First Data
and BCS are making a significant contribution to improving the
attractiveness and profitability of credit card products for the
savings banks. This improvement is delivered through a combination
of economies of scale, cost advantages and our shared sales

Norbert Pawlowski, general manager of First Data International in
Germany, said: “This project was implemented within very tight
deadlines and clearly demonstrates the technical competence of
First Data. We are delighted that we have expanded our business
with the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.”