First Data has unveiled a suite of new payments technologies to help Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adapt to ‘PIN-only’ credit card transactions.

The technologies assortment includes new mobile EFTPOS terminals, an integrated PayTable solution and other customizable applications.

The company claims these technologies will enhance customer convenience, service and turn over, thereby allowing SMEs, especially in the travel, entertainment and hospitality space, to drive revenue growth.

First Data Australia managing director, John Tait, said: “Our product is the only one in the market that delivers this level of service by facilitating split billing, prompting customers to tip and letting them do so on a split bill.

“The app is one small part of our integrated payments solutions for merchants that will revolutionise the customer experience, give people more choice in how and when they pay, and give merchants better insights into their business.”

Visa and MasterCard will eliminate use of signatures and all transactions will be PIN-based starting 1 August 2014.