FinSoul hosts multiple GameFi games, including blockchain, Bitcoin and other guessing types, as well a variety of leisure games. Users can play the games by using FTC test coins.

The platform uses advanced technology such as Engine 5 and Cocos 2D to develop 2D and 3D gaming experiences.

In addition, FinSoul will open up its gameplay editor and API to encourage teams to create gameplay options like sandbox worlds, multiplayer sports, leisure experiences, player socialising, MMORPG, gunfights, air combat and others.

In recent years, the metaverse world has gained traction, largely as a result of companies moving their activities online and with the younger, tech-savvy generation more likely to prefer spending their time in virtual worlds.

Fintoch’s FTC public chain is a third-generation public chain based on a dual chain structure designed to support the underlying financial facilities of the future financial system.

The chain is compatible with EVM. Users can access a range of functions, including the FinPay payment application, ecological value estimation, FinBill financial trading market, FinBox Web 3.0 social platform, and now FinSoul.