Biometric payments firm Fingopay has struck a partnership with Cardstream, a payments software provider, to tap the UK market.

Initially, Fingopay plans to introduce its Hitachi VeinID system in Manchester that links users’ vein signatures with their payment cards, enabling them to make payments using their finger.

For its UK expansion, Fingopay will leverage the Open Payment Network of Cardstream.

Fingopay announced plans for the expansion earlier this year.

Cardstream CEO Adam Sharpe said: “Cardstream is focused on opening up payment infrastructure to give companies the flexibility to operate and grow their businesses freely, as they see fit.”

Fingopay said that Cardstream’s selection was based on its ability to launch new features swiftly and support new market launches.

The biometric firm further noted that Cardstream supports its integration with payment partners and processing applications.

Fingopay chief marketing officer Simon Binns said: “We went through an extensive process to assess gateway PSP providers and specifically wanted to work with a partner who would not only provide reliability, stability, support and coverage but also meet our need for cross-merchant tokenisation.

“Cardstream’s open payment ecosystem fulfilled all of our criteria and we’re pleased to be working with them for the roll-out of Fingopay in Manchester and beyond.”