Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has forged an alliance with Technical Equipment & Supplies Company (Tesco) to bring contactless biometric payment cards to the Middle East.

The collaboration aims to bank on the recent success of Fingerprints’ biometric sensors and software platform that is designed for biometric payment cards, stated the firm.

Fingerprints’ solutions are said to have gained traction in Africa and India.

The company’s biometric payment card, which was introduced by Thales at first, is equipped with its second-generation T-Shape module and software platform.

The latest tie-up will see Tesco commercialising and personalising the card for the regional consumers.

This solution is based on knowledge received from several research and development investment as well as major findings from over 20 market pilots and commercial launches, noted Fingerprints.

The biometric payment cards are developed and integrated using typical manufacturing methods.

Earlier this year, the cards secured compliance with Mastercard’s new Fingerprint Sensor Evaluation Process. It facilitated a simplified method for card manufacturers to roll out second generation biometric payment cards.

Fingerprints payment and access president Michel Roig said: “Tesco is a key player supporting digital financial transformation in Jordan and the Middle East.

“This partnership opens up new business opportunities for Fingerprints with Tesco’s loyal client base and enables us to support its mission to strengthen payment efficiency and security in the Middle East, improve the payment experience for consumers, and open up new revenue channels for banks.”

Tesco IT and banking solution director George Abdel-Massih said: “There’s an increasing demand from Middle Eastern consumers for innovative, safe and seamless ways to pay.

“This has led to the rapid digitisation that we’re seeing, and supporting, in the region’s banking and payments sector.

“By working with Thales and Fingerprints, we can tap into its leading biometric technology, expertise and solutions to enable new, exciting ways for our banking and financial customers to meet this demand.”