According to figures released by Georgian banks, Constanta and KSB, about 1,500 of their customers forget their card’s pin code every year.

Bank Constanta revealed that on average each month 10 customers forget their code, while 20 lost their card.

The figures show the main victims of ATM amnesia to be men, with the blame being most often attributed to alcohol.

According to Bank Constanta, most cards are misplaced either because customers lose their wallets, or because they forget to retrieve them after using an ATM.

Conversely, the number of plastic cards reported stolen is very low.

The figures are confirmed by KSB Bank, where each day about 5 forgetful customers require restoration of their pin codes.

Gvantsa Gusharashvili, head of KSB’s public relations unit, said: "We have almost the same data as those losing a card. People mainly leave their cards in ATMs. As for stealing cards, we get very few complaints about that, on average just 2-3 cases per week."

Meanwhile in the UK, Barclaycard contactless research showed that 59% of Brits suffer from so-called ‘ATM amnesia’.

According to the bank, pin codes are not the only victims of absent-minded customers, with some card-owners reportedly misplacing over £20 ($32.35) a week.


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