Payments provider Fidesmo has partnered with Swiss watch brand Mondaine to bring its wearable payment service Fidesmo Pay to the watch collection.

Customers with payment cards that support Fidesmo Pay can now connect to the Mondaine PayChip. The aim is to enable customers throughout Europe to make contactless payments using the chip.

Mattias Eld, Fidesmo CEO and co-founder, said: “We are glad to welcome Mondaine to the Fidesmo Community and to join us on the road towards a more contactless future. All supported payment cards with Fidesmo Pay are able to be connected to the Mondaine PayChip, giving thousands of people the opportunity to make stylish and secure contactless payments with Mondaine watches.”

Mondaine PayChip 

The Mondaine PayChip can be inserted into a specially developed strap with a pocket, or into a special strap loop, which can be added to multiple Mondaine watches.

In addition, the system enables consumers to swap the chip from one watch to another.

André Bernheim, Mondaine Group co-owner, said: “Four years after the first launch of the pay chip’s first generation, we are proud to launch the latest state of the art technology today. After thorough evaluation of various contactless payment technologies, we decided to enter into collaboration with Fidesmo as they provide a ready contactless payment system and even future developments far beyond payment.

“I have been using the original pay chip since 2016, and could not imagine living without it as I don’t carry a physical wallet with me anymore. Whenever I pay with my pay chip, people around me are asking ‘how did you do that, that’s amazing’. I think, everyone should have a pay chip and enjoy the freedom to carry it on various watches thanks to our patented straps and strap loops.”