Payment Data Systems and its prepaid card division FiCentive have collaborated with University Fancards to enable real-time issuance of cards in mobile wallets.

FiCentive will initially provide support for University Fancards prepaid cards programme. The services will include management, processing and mobile applications development.

The firm will offer a platform that will allow cardholders to order and manage several cards under a single account.

FiCentive vice-president of enterprise prepaid solutions Kyle Ruschman said: “The Fancards team has partnered with some of the biggest names in college sports, and the programme provides a whole new way for the schools’ loyal and enthusiastic fanbase to show support.

“The card is an awesome solution for managing household expenses and allowances.”

The FiCentive solution also facilitates real-time issuance and provision of branded cards to a variety of mobile wallets. Those wallets include Apple and Google Pay.

Payment Data Systems senior vice-president of prepaid products Houston Frost said: “Through the FiCentive platform we will be able to brand 50+ different card designs in mobile wallets, and enable real-time issuance through a mobile device.

“Fancards will be able to leverage our technology to instantly deliver digital prepaid cards to a stadium full of fans during a football game, something completely new to the industry.”