The partnership will enable Elavon to use Audico, a voice-activated solution for the hospitality industry, in order to deliver a wide range of voice-driven services.

Elavon is the only worldwide payment provider for the Audico solution in hospitality.

Hemlata Narasimhan, president of Merchant Services at Elavon, said: “Virtual assistant technology is the future of hospitality, and we’re thrilled to be powering the payments behind Audico.

“This is all about improving the customer experience, and a large part of this is seamless payments”, Narasimhan added. “We’re pleased to partner with Amazon’s approved partner TDL to make this happen.”

For Elavon, the move is the latest in a series of partnerships the payment provider has signed over the past years.

In 2019, the company extended its partnership with Santander UK for an additional five years, bringing additional investment in technology to support eCommerce and deepen customer relationships.

TDL: Company profile

TDL is a consulting firm with a focus on venues, hospitality, retail, education and healthcare. Its product, Audico, is a hands-free, voice-activated solution designed for customers to call for betting services, order food and drinks and purchase merchandise.

Currently, the tool is being explored as a room service solution in hotels and premium hospitality areas at other venues and stadiums.

George Vaughan, TDL’s CEO, also welcomed the collaboration with Elavon.

“This partnership represents a unique opportunity for two recognised brands to collaborate on initiatives that will revolutionise multiple business verticals, including hospitality, venues and health care, delivering a level of digital transformation not seen before”, Vaughan said.