Norway-based fintech firm EedenBull has rolled out a new commercial card platform to help banks take advantage of its B2B payment capabilities.

The new offering will help many Covid-19 impacted banks that are struggling to provide competitive payment services to their customers.

The company aims to roll out the new cards to select banks around the world within the next one to two years.

The cards will provide a full suite of payment capabilities for businesses of all sizes and have the ability to streamline the B2B payments processes across multiple areas.

EedenBull CEO Nicki Bisgaard said: “Whilst payment products and services often become more and more user friendly, the product management becomes more and more complex and requires access to specialists in product management, in marketing, in revenue management, in IT and platforms, in legal and regulatory areas to mention but a few.

“At EedenBull, we uniquely combine specialist commercial payments expertise with tech-savvy talent, making us the ideal partner to banks going forward.”

The new cards are an extension of EdenBull’s Q Business programme, which deals with various payment integrations, simplifications and digitising of services.

The fintech firm is currently working with 65 Nordic banks it selected initially to improve the payment and spending capabilities.

EedenBull is a fully licensed and regulated e-money institution and has obtained principal issuing licenses from Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.