British payments provider ECOMMPAY has introduced a new payment gateway dubbed GATE2025, which includes highload performance capabilities.

The company said that its new payment gateway can handle 1000 transactions a second, and is at least four times more powerful compared to its predecessor.

The gateway incorporates microservice architecture, which splits responsibilities among different applications to enhance performance.

The microservice architecture also helps connect additional services to the gateway, ECOMMPAY said, leading to more opportunities for higher transaction volumes and better processing.

The company also claims that it has lowered transaction costs for merchants by streamlining the gateway’s internal and external processes.

ECOMMPAY intends to move its customers to the new gateway this year.

ECOMMPAY head of product development Nikita Mishchenko: “GATE2025 was created with each participant of the payment process in mind, from the merchant to the end-user. For consumers, we implemented ECOMMPAY’s optimised payment pages, building a convenient, straightforward customer journey.

“For the e-Commerce specialists working on behalf of business owners and accessing the payment gateway on a daily basis, we’ve introduced an intuitive interface with customisable settings for maximum comfort and ease of use.

“For the business owners themselves, we’ve ensured easy access to the information they require enabling the creation of analytical reports in a few simple clicks. And, of course, we took our own requirements into consideration, automating the vast majority of internal processes.”