Bahrain-based fintech provider Eazy Financial Services has partnered with NCR, an omni-channel solutions provider, to launch a new biometric payment network that will allow customers to register their fingerprint through their participating lender.

With this partnership, consumers can use their fingerprint at any ATM or point-of-sale (POS) to make a transaction instead of using a card.

NCR will initially support Eazy to develop the payment infrastructure to serve participating banks in Bahrain, while in later phases the network will expand to Middle East region.

Customers need to enroll through participating lenders by registering their fingerprints to make payments. The payment network will allow customers of any bank linked to Eazy’s network to make payments through multiple access points.

Under the partnership, Eazy will implement NCR’s payment processing platform Authentic to enable faster payments.

Eazy Financial Services CEO Khaled Al Ahli said: “We are looking to NCR to help us build a robust infrastructure through its hardware and software expertise, in order to upgrade ATMs and other access-points to enable them to accept and read fingerprints and process necessary data to perform financial transactions.”

NCR Financial Services regional managing director of GCC Wael Elaawar said: “Authentic will enable Eazy to support a full range of payment applications and can be used as a payment gateway, to power consumer payment service hubs or omni-channel systems to drive all major ATM and POS devices, scaling from support of small gateway systems, to global networks.”