Eastman Credit Union (ECU), a credit union headquartered in Tennessee, has released a security alert on its website regarding potential card fraud.

The firm said that the alert has been triggered by the rise in card fraud level related to card skimmers at local gas pumps.

The skimmers gather data on a card when it is used at the pump, ECU stated.

As a consequence, ECU has asked its members to check their accounts for suspicious transactions.

At present, the credit union is working alongside local authorities to address the issue.

However, it also stressed on the fact that no evidence of systems or ATMs being compromised was found.

“If you believe you may have been affected, use the ECU Card Control feature found in the Mobile App to temporarily block the use of your cards, or you may call (423) 229-8200 and choose option 4 to block your cards. Rest assured, ECU members are protected from any fraudulent charges related to this type of malicious criminal activity,” ECU said in a statement.

Card fraud has become a major problem for banks and financial organisations. As more consumers switch to digital banking solutions, banks are having to implement security solutions that can protect customer data.