Deco.Network, the protocol for putting licensing and payments around open collaborative projects, has selected mobile security solutions provider Rivetz to build a security and trust layer for developer projects.

Rivetz addresses security concerns through its RvT cybersecurity token, which offers verifiable controls for blockchain transactions.

The token supports multi-factor authentication across devices and offers security at the transaction and authentication level.

Commenting on the partnership, Deco.Network CEO David Sneider said: “By partnering with Rivetz, and their solution for hardware-based identity model, developers who engage with Deco.Network will have the ability to ensure that any code that interacts with the trusted execution environment is totally secure.”

Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague added: We are pleased to be working with Deco.Network to enable reusable and reliable components. We look forward to collaborating further with Deco.Network to deliver these new models of software and to provide a safe and simple environment for the developer.”