Payment technology firm Dapio, which turns Android smartphones into card readers without any additional hardware, has officially launched operations in the UK.

The London-based has launched its Tap to Pay application for small businesses and sellers operating across the country.

The payment app is designed enable small businesses to accept contactless card and e-wallet payments safely, and securely.

Payment can be made by just tapping on the back of any NFC-enabled Android smarphone.

Dapio CEO and co-founder Kosta Du said: “The payments landscape is evolving toward a mobile-first mindset, and we believe businesses should have the same opportunity to take payments with their phones, as their customers do when making them.

“Tap to Pay on Android will unlock safe and secure payment experiences for businesses who want less friction and demand more flexibility from their Point of Sale system.”

To allow partners to integrate into their own Android apps as a new payment option for their business clients, the app comes with its own software development kit (SDK).

Dapio product and technology lead Andrew Ivashev said: “Dapio Tap to Pay is available as a stand-alone, or complimentary payment option for like-minded, future-thinking businesses.

“Quick and simple integrations for any business looking to leverage the power of Tap to Pay in their own Android applications, through our Software Development Kit (SDK) or App-to-app call-back APIs.”

The payment app is said to works for both large as well small businesses. It will facilitate payment for delivery, transportation, cafes, and street fundraisers, among others.