UK-based Dalton Strategic Partnership has slashed the annual management charge (AMC) on its Melchior Global Equity fund for retail and institutional investors from 0.75% to 0.25%.

The group has also reduced the minimum investment from £250,000 to just £1,000.

Additionally, the total expense ratio will be capped at 40bps, with the view to reduce this gradually to 30bps or lower as the fund grows.

According to FE Analytics, the fund has produced top quartile returns in the six-month, one- and three-year periods to January 3.

Richard Jones, partner at Dalton, said the move had been made to make the fund completely accessible to the retail market.

"Working back from the cost of manufacture upwards, we feel we have got very substantial capacity which means we are not capacity constrained like we are on some of our other funds," he said.