CU Solutions Group, a credit union service organisation in the US, has signed an agreement to make Ondot Systems’ digital credit and debit card management platform available to its credit union clients.

CU Solutions Group, which services to over 3,400 credit unions across the country, will also act as a reseller partner for Card App, a digital card management platform.

Using the platform, financial institutions can enable their clients to manage, track, control and monitor debit/credit card usage and spending from a mobile app.

CU Solutions Group president/CEO Dave Adams said: “We are excited to be able to offer our credit unions a way to level the playing field with the digital-first card experiences being offered by tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung.

“Consumers have long said they want to bank with digitally-savvy credit unions, and this helps ensure those desires are met.”

Ondot senior director of alliances and partnerships Robin Gusse said: “Both organisations are coming together to provide credit unions across the United States with a deeper knowledge on the value an-end-to end, card-centric solution brings to their members and how credit unions can work with their digital banking providers to get Ondot’s Card App solution live in as little as 8-12 weeks’ time.”

Ondot, which was founded in 2011, offer digital card services platform to over 4,500 banks and credit unions to enhance cardholder engagement.