Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies has teamed up with Dwolla, an e-commerce service using ACH payment systems, to process online payments.

The partnership will allow enable Cryptanite’s ChargaCard payment app to leverage Dwolla’s functionality.

The integration of ChargaCard’s and Dwolla’s capabilities will enable merchants using ChargaCard to pay a 1% payment processing fee instead of the typical 3% plus fee.

“For small businesses, these percentage points can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings,” Cryptanite stated.

ChargaCard co-founder Maria Eagleton said: “Lower fees, improved transaction speed and increased convenience are the three biggest benefits that ChargaCard’s customers will see right away.

“Our collaboration with Dwolla can help save merchants time and money, and it is in line with our mission to bypass the predatory and destructive tactics used by the debt collection industry.”

Earlier this month, Cryptanite launched a beta version of its ChargaCard app. The trial will run till 1 May 2018.

The online platform of ChargaCard will support the creation of direct credit arrangements between merchants and customers. The platform will allow merchants to recover due invoices, while offering customers payment plans at zero percent interest rates.