Credit Sesame, a US-based credit service and financial wellness firm, has rolled out a new personalised pre-qualification service for credit cards.

The service will allow members to access their personalised and pre-qualified options for credit cards and obtain credit approvals in real time.

The company claims that the new service will analyses member’s credit and financial profiles against various credit card issuers credit approval without divulging their financial data or impacting their credit score.

Credit Sesame founder and CEO Adrian Nazari said: “Our data capabilities and analytics are changing the way consumers access credit across the board and the days that consumers had to randomly apply for credit cards hoping to get an approval are soon to be long gone.

“This is a giant step towards bringing more transparency, certainty and confidence to obtaining a credit card for qualified consumers.”

Credit Sesame COO Jesse Levey added: “We’re excited to roll out this new service which is immediately available to our members. Consumers are looking for transparency and guidance in their personal finance journey and this new service will offer that to millions of our members.”