Russia-based Credit Europe Bank has enabled the acceptance of JCB International’s cards at its acquiring network of ATM and POS terminals across the country.

JCB Cards can now be used at Credit Europe Bank’s more than 11,000 POS terminals and 514 ATMs.

In Russia, JCB has been issuing cards since 2015 through partnerships with local banks and the latest alliance is expected to increase its footprint and brand awareness in the country.

JCB International general director of Eurasia, Takashi Suetsugu said: “The partnership with Credit Europe Bank will make JCB cardmembers feel more comfortable to use their cards, enhance JCB presence in the market and increase JCB brand awareness.

“We are glad that our cardmembers will be able to pay for their purchases at the biggest and very popular retailers.”

Credit Europe Bank head of Payment Systems and Key Partners Management department, Anton Ryazanov said: “JCB will gain wider JCB card acceptance, and we will significantly improve our services by providing partners the opportunity to expand the range of payment cards they accept and attract more new customers from all over the world.”