CrediMax, a Bahrain-based credit card provider, has teamed up with GCC’s hypermarket and department store chain Lulu Hypermarket to launch the new MasterCard Danat co-branded credit card.

The new card provides offers, sales, cash backs and discounts at Lulu throughout the year, among other benefits.

Danat cardholders will also receive 24/7 access to online banking services, telebanking as well as customer service.

The co-branded card is accepted across the globe, thereby facilitating travellers.

CrediMax CEO Yousif Ali Mirza said: "The card industry witnesses an increasing amount of co-branding across various industries; similarly, we saw this as an opportunity to launch a product to fulfil the growing needs of consumers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

"The benefits provided by this partnership include cash-backs, discounts and rewards and undoubtedly an overall improved customer experience."

MasterCard Bahrain country manager Khaled Abdulkarim added: "We are confident that through this partnership we will continue to meet the changing and unique demands of consumers in Bahrain by providing a simple, safe and secure way to pay while receiving benefits and rewards that enrich their lives whether in Bahrain or when travelling abroad."