Swiss lender Corner Bank has rolled out a biometric credit card in Switzerland in collaboration with Swedish biometrics company Fingerprints, Thales’ owned Gemalto and Visa.

Dubbed Cornèrcard Biometric Gold, the credit card features Fingerprint Cards’ T-Shape sensor and software platform module for payments.

The limited-edition credit card, which has been provided by Thales, will be offered to 100 Swiss Corner Bank customers. It will facilitate contactless transactions.

There will be no restriction on the amount to be paid using the biometric credit card.

The card will consume very low-power and does not require any battery. It will use power from the contactless PoS terminal to complete the transaction.

Users will be required to touch a sensor to register their fingerprint for the biometric gold Visa credit card. The card includes an integrated LED that indicates the successful matching of the fingerprint data.

A PIN is required for the first transaction while the subsequent payments can be made at any PoS by just touching the sensor on the card.

Cornèrcard director Davide Rigamonti said that the appearance of the biometric payment card is unique and offers a superior payment experience. The card is suitable for daily use by the modern consumer.

Recently, Slovakian biometric firm Innovatrics teamed up with Japanese tech firm MoriX to introduce the world’s first biometric smart card that can be authenticated using a fingerprint.