WeChat Pay HK, a payment service provider, has partnered with EMQ, a Hong Kong-based financial technology start-up, to extend its remittance services in Indonesia.

The payment firm’s service will be powered by EMQ’s scalable API platform.

The tech vendor said that its platform will enable WeChat Pay HK to simplify the remittance process by allowing the overseas workers in Hong Kong to send money via a smart phone.

The Filipinos and Indonesians workers in Hong Kong will gain access to a wide range of pay-out options including instant cash pickup, bank deposits to any bank, or mobile wallet.

EMQ co-founder and CEO Max Liu said: “Both Philippines and Indonesia are currently among the top 10 largest recipients of remittances according to the World Bank, with millions of households relying on the financial support of the overseas workers.

“We are proud to support and partner with Tencent’s WeChat Pay HK in making the services more accessible and inclusive to the hard-working overseas workers leveraging our extensive remittance network in Asia.”