Dutch payments network TerraPay has entered into a strategic partnership with Wari, a global platform offering digital financial services, to bolster the remittances services in 35 key African markets.

Following this deal, TerraPay’s global partners across 160 countries can instantly transfer funds to Wari’s digital payments network including mobile wallets and bank accounts in 35 African markets.

The deal will also enable Wari’s customers across Africa to send money to TerraPay’s network of mobile wallets in the continent and all bank accounts in India immediately.

TerraPay founder & CEO Ambar Sur said: “We’re excited to be working with Wari- one of the industry leaders in digital payments in Africa. Our partnership would aid in realizing a vision for low-cost and convenient money transfers in Africa and accelerate the creation of an ecosystem to deliver essential value to stakeholders and consumers alike. TerraPay is committed to provide the state-of-the-art technology and regulatory infrastructure to its partners.”

Commenting on the partnership, Wari CEO Kabirou Mbodje added: “Partnering with TerraPay confirms Wari’s ambition to offer a global platform interconnecting people and providing a wide range of services. Our goal is to make our services available to everyone, wherever you may be. The partnership with TerraPay now opens the Indian market to Wari’s customer and allows TerraPay’s customer to access Wari’s extended network in Africa and around the World.”